The Portico Poetry Prizes 2012

We're delighted to announce the winners of our new awards the Portico Poetry Prizes.

Portico Poetry Prize

1st: `In the Dock, Fagin Reflects' - Marion Brown

2nd: `Great Expectations' - Ian O'Brien

3rd: `The Ghost of Christmas Present' - Holly Hopkins

Portico Young Poetry Prize

1st: `Hospital Visit' - Natalie Steinhouse

2nd: `Hollow' - Eugenie Yen

3rd: `Biddy, Or Unrequited Love' - Emily Stevenson

There's also a list of commended poets:

Portico Poetry Prize

Christopher J. Korta - `Late For Class'
Copland Smith - `Like a Sentence from Barnaby Rudge'
Stephen Logan - `Twist'
Barley Robinson - `And Dickens Wrote of Fagin’s Boys – and the Riots Came Again...'
Noel Connor - `Told in Pictures'
Petra Reid - `The Road to Dover'
Marion Brown - `Fagin Accuses his Creator'

Portico Young Poetry Prize
Penelope Jones -  `Estella'
Ruby Martin - `Miss...'
Hana Ward - `The Pit'
Pooja Shah - `Nancy's Sonnet'
Lauren Clare Maltas - `Simply Wicked by Nature
Miranda Gold - `Heavenly Like a Star'
Amy Brown - `The Woman with No Heart'
Amelia Coen - `The Bird Watcher'
Anya Denton - `Estella'
Charlotte Pang - `Untitled'
Henry Lewis - `Look What She's Done to the Boy'
Dom Hewett - `Dearest Agnes'
Kathryn Wormald - `A withering flower (Miss Havisham's story)'
Jonathan Clark - `Oliver-tounge-Twist-er'
Nabeeha Qazi - `Satis'


  1. When will the results be posted?

  2. Hi there,

    We're working on it now, keep checking the website for developments!

  3. Is the email address still working? I am one of the commended young poets but my questions haven't been replied to. Just wondering if there was another email I could use

  4. You can forward your emails to and you will definitely get a response!